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MMS corner.
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a new step in the mobile messaging way. MMS users can send and receive messages that look like presentations.
A MMS message has slides and every slide can contain text, sound, images or video clips.
The MMS bearer is the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and the message itself is written in SMIL (Syncronized Multimedia Integration Lenguage) as presentation language.
Really MMS uses a subset of SMIL. Each MMS message is represented by one SMIL presentation, and all the slides has the same layout. Each one has at most two regions, one contains text and other contains an image. (or only one for text or only one for an image). The duration of each slide and in the slide the timming for the text and the image can be set individually.
Every slide has information about how elements appear on a diplay, but are designed to allow the receiving device to re-arrange the presentation if necessary.
3GPP MMS Specification (23.140)
The "Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS); Functional description; Stage 2" can be downloaded from here.
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